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Hey Knotty fans! I want to introduce you to Audrey Randall, new author, chocolate ice cream lover, and Lifetime movie buff. Myself, it’s frozen Yodels, chocolate covered Raspberry or orange flavor jelly candy, and any movie with Gerard Butler in it. But we weren’t talking about me were we?

Playing His Game is a short story about Aimee and Daemon. Daemon is a professional gamer. He’s got the looks, the fame, and women flock to him as if he were Brad Pitt. (Or Gerard Butler, just saying.) Aimee has had a mad crush on him for years.

Audrey Randall North Star

Little does she know, Daemon has wanted her as well, and calls her his “Star” because like the North Star, she’s the brightest part of his day. When her twin sister breaks both of her arms in a car accident right before a huge gaming competition, both her sister and Daemon call on Aimee to fill in for her. She knows nothing about gaming. But with Daemon’s help, they may have a shot at salvaging the title. But what else does Daemon have to teach the second grade teacher? It sure isn’t just gaming!

Audrey Randall positive choices teaser

Pick up a copy of Playing his Game today! Audrey has done a great job in her first novel, and while I was surprised at how fast the relationship moved, it is a novella. Daemon is a surprisingly Alpha, sexy guy for a gamer geek, and he draws Aimee right into his seductive web. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Great job Audrey!

Four and a half Orgasms!


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