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The Alpha lives for the hunt…

Driven by instinct, an Alpha shifter recognizes his fated mate from one scent, one touch. He’ll pursue his woman, regardless of the cost, and anyone else would be smart to get out of his way. He won’t stop until he takes possession of his prize.

Although the hunter doesn’t need convincing, his mate certainly does. The Alpha will have to prove himself as a lover and convince his woman that he plays for keeps.

Scent of Destiny by Rose Wulf

Taken Mate by Sam Crescent

Finders Keepers by Stacey Espino

The Hunt by Doris O’Connor

Alpha at Altitude by Lily Harlem

Fated to the Razorback Demon by Maia Dylan

Running Home by Michelle Graham

Alpha’s Sunshine by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Checkmate by Wren Michaels

Frozen Heart by Beth D. Carter

Wolf Hunter by Elena Kincaid

Returning to the Coyote by Roberta Winchester


Evernight Publishing has put out two anthologies with the same theme and that is being taken by an Alpha male. A shifter in most cases, (I did not read the M/M version so I can only speak for the F/M version) But in both books they managed to snag some truly incredible authors.

To say that Evernight has a plethora of talent in their stables is an understatement at best, just the talent in the 12 author anthology I read alone proves it. Some of my favorite authors were in this anthology, Doris O’Connor, Sam Crescent, Lily Harlem, Maia Dylan and Elena Kincaid. Incidentally, their stories also stood out in this amazing anthology.

I also enjoyed the rest, especially Stacey Espino andElyzabeth M. VaLey’s contributions. My absolute favorite though, would be The Hunt by Doris O’Connor. Raphael is a wolf shifter who finds his mate in a doe shifter named Aubrey. He saves her but finds out mating is not always easy, especially when a rival is involved. My runner-up story is Taken Mate by Sam Crescent about a wolf shifter who after abducting his mate, just can’t quite get the courting part right.

All in all, every story in this book is a hit and deserves 5 Stars!




 A Tiger’s Luck by Maia Dylan

Last Alpha Standing by James Cox

Mooncrest by Jules Dixon

His Guardian Panther by Elena Kincaid

The Scarf by L.J. Longo

A Matter of Trust by Pelaam

Conflict of Interest by L.D. Blakeley




Dangerous Interference by BJ Wane

Book Cover




BJ Wane


Genre: Erotic Romance, Suspense, Spanking, Menage
Publisher: Stormy Night Publications
Publication Date: January 6, 2017



After her sister goes missing, Alena Malloy travels to Blue Springs, Maine—her sister’s last known location—to track her down. As she begins her search, however, Alena’s efforts quickly bring her into conflict with Randy Janzen, the local sheriff, and Nash Osbourne, a Scotland Yard detective involved in the case due to its similarity with a recent disappearance in the UK.


Randy and Nash make it quite clear to Alena they expect her to avoid interfering with their work, and when she defies them one time too many she earns herself a painful, embarrassing spanking. The humiliating punishment ignites a powerful desire in Alena, and despite her sore backside she finds herself yearning to be mastered more thoroughly.


The two stern, handsome lawmen agree to share Alena, and soon enough she is begging for more. But when Alena’s continued meddling in the investigation puts her life in grave danger, will Randy and Nash be able to protect her?


Publisher’s Note: Dangerous Interference includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.
 Dangerous Interference is a more suspenseful book coming from BJ, but with the same juicy, kinky, spankalicious sex we’ve come to know and love from her. And as great as I think her writing is, I swear it only gets better every time!

Alaina is a forensic police photographer with the NYPD looking for her missing sister. Her search brings her to Blue Springs, Maine. And Alaina Malloy just wants to find her troubled sister and leave the sleepy, backwoods town and get back to the hustle and bustle of busy New York.

But, she hadn’t counted on their sheriff, Randy Jenzen, or his friend, a Scotland Yard detective, Noah Osbourne, to show up every time she tries to investigate. Neither of them want her to compromise the case, especially when Noah’s involvement is supposed to be a secret, and one of Randy’s best friends may know what happened. So they show Alaina what happens when she doesn’t listen. Soon, incidents start to happen, and Alaina just may be in the line of fire. Can her two, strong, dominants keep her safe?

You’ll most definitely want to check this book out! The sex scenes were hot! The suspense was explosive! BJ Wane has arrived!

5 Sexy, Spankadelic Stars!



“Am I going to have to put a tail on you for the rest of your stay, Alena?” And by that he meant either he or Nash keeping close tabs on her.

Wanting a little payback, she presented him with a soft smile and drawled with feigned innocence, “Why, whatever do you mean, Sheriff?” Laying a small bite of roll on her tongue, she took her time licking her two fingers before releasing a low, “Mmmmm,” from deep in her throat.

“Bugger it.” This time it was Nash’s turn to swear and Randy sent him a quick look of commiseration before scowling at her again, not that he thought his fiercest glare would do any good. He knew Nash, just like him, was picturing that same satisfaction reflected on her face as he, or they, brought her to climax.

“You keep it up, you’ll force me to up the consequences for your interference. Which would you prefer, my belt or a night or two in my jail?”

Okay, that just wasn’t right. Her body’s instant reaction of a gush of moisture between her legs to that threat was as unnerving as standing too close to the edge of a cliff, a cliff she’d been maintaining a precarious balance on since first setting eyes on those two. Both men made her look twice, which said something; the fact they each made her fantasize and want, made her ache, screamed it. She was in trouble.

DANGEROUS INTERFERENCE is an awesome erotic suspense that kept me engaged from beginning to end. Well-written with excellent characterization, some of the hottest menage scenes I’ve ever read interlaced with emotional drama, Ms. Wane has penned yet another keeper. A definite must-read!
– Bethany, Goodreads Reviewer


You’ll most definitely want to check this book out! The sex scenes were hot! The suspense was explosive! BJ Wane has arrived!
– KnottyGirlReviews, Goodreads Reviewer
(See I told You! *grins*)



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What do you get when you combine excellent writing with great characters, a suspenseful plot and hot menage erotica? Dangerous Interference!
– Dani, Goodreads Reviewer


About BJ Wane


I live in the Midwest with my husband and our two dogs. I love dogs, enjoy spending time with my daughter, babysitting dogs and kids, reading and working puzzles. We have traveled extensively throughout the states, Canada and just once overseas, but I much prefer being homebody. I worked for a while writing articles for a local magazine but soon found my interest in writing for myself peaking. My first book was strictly spanking erotica, but I slowly evolved to writing erotic romance with an emphasis on spanking. My favorite genre to read is Romantic Suspense.


Email: bjwane@cox.net


Official website: http://bjwane.blogspot.com/


Social media link: Facebook



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Love My Pain by Sam Crescent



Edward Banner is so out of his depth, and he knows it. Falling for a waitress that is younger than he is was one thing. Falling for a woman who self-harms? That is another thing altogether. He doesn’t understand it. But he can’t bear to see it happen, and there’s no turning back. 

Isabel Benson has not lived a great life. Abandoned by her parents from a young age, she was the one who raised her little sister. When the pressures of life got too much, she found one solution to get herself through, the only thing she could ever control, cutting. It’s hers alone. Her little secret—until Edward catches her. 

He wants her to stop, but she doesn’t know if she can. There is no easy way to help. But he’s not walking away like so many people have in her life. He’s not going to stop loving her, and he’s not going to stop being there. 

Can Isabel find the strength to see that she doesn’t need to hurt herself anymore? Will Edward stay true to his word, and stay by her side? 

Be Warned: spanking


Sam Crescent is one of my faves, but this time she’s decided to tackle a subject a bit more on the serious side, cutting. After reading Love My Pain, I think Sam did a great job with it. I was a little miffed with Edward in the beginning for leaving Isabel alone when she was chained up in the dungeon, since that’s just a huge no-no, otherwise, Edward was a terrific character who handled everything well.

Isabel Benson cuts herself on occasion to feel. She’s had a rough childhood where her parents made her feel awful, that is, when they bothered to be around. They left her to raise her sister Sophie.

Edward is a bit older than Isabel, but he’s determined to help her with her problem. He’s also just a friend. But he’s also attracted to Isabel. When Isabel finally admits what she wants and needs, Edward may just have a change of heart that will heal them both.

I enjoyed this book immensely, and even though it’s part of a series, it is a stand alone.

5 Dark and Domalicious Stars


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Was it possible for Edward to fall in love with her? She already knew her feelings for him. She loved him, knew without a doubt that she did. Her feelings when it came to him had been building from that very first time he walked into the diner.

She had been captivated by him, and now, she wanted to be everything he needed.

It had been nearly two weeks since he had taken her kit from her, and she hadn’t felt the need for it. There was no weekly ritual in her life for the kit. It wasn’t like she set a day every week, and then stuck to it.

The only time she had used it was when she couldn’t stand not to. The longest she had been without hurting herself was three months. Three months she could handle. Two weeks were a piece of cake.

Cleaning the dishes, she felt Edward close beside her. He stood, drying up the dishes that she washed.

The cut on her thigh was all healed up, and she didn’t know how to tell him.

Her body was on fire for him. She wanted him so badly. Her dreams at night were getting hotter.

With no release, she was finding it hard to concentrate on anything else. His hands looked so big, and she wondered what they would be like on her body, touching her. Her imagination was running riot right now.

“My legs are fine,” she said, blurting the words out, and cringing as she finished.

“I’m sorry?”

“My leg. It’s fine. No more damage.” She had still covered it with tape just in case. She didn’t want to risk the scab opening up and bleeding.

Handing him the final plate, she cleaned the sink up and washed her hands.

“Show me,” he said.

Staring at him, and around the kitchen, she licked her dry lips. She wasn’t nervous about showing him her healed leg. No, she was more nervous about him discovering the truth of her arousal. She was wet. Even her panties were wet.

Grow up. You’re twenty-five for God’s sake. Get your shit together.

Unbuttoning her jeans, she lowered the zipper and wriggled the jeans down to her knees. The shirt she wore covered her thighs, so she lifted it up. All she wanted to do was cover up. Most of her old scars were faded, some of them just silvery strips similar to wounds made in surgery. Only hers were not perfect.

She had never gone too deep, or hurt herself to the point that she needed to go to the hospital for stitches. As with all things in her life, she had been careful.

Holding her shirt at the apex of her thighs, she was praying that he didn’t notice her wet panties, or the scent of her arousal.

Isabel truly believed that she could smell herself. Edward knelt down, and she watched him as he removed the Band-Aid from her thigh. The scab was nice and clean. For as long as she could, she kept it exposed so the scab would form quickly. She had even opted for some skirts to help with the process, only long skirts though, down to her ankles, hiding everything.

“Remove your jeans,” he said.

Her Master and Commander (Pleasure Island 1) by Anya Summers




Naomi is fleeing a bad marriage. Her battered and bruised soul needs a place where she can hide away from the rest of the world – and where her abusive ex-husband won’t find her. A native of Miami, she takes an offer to work as a maid on a resort island far away from civilization. She never expected that resort to be an exclusive BDSM club. Nor did she expect to have all sorts of wicked fantasies about her new boss.

Jared immediately recognizes the sweet submissive within his newest employee. What’s surprising to him is the desire he feels toward her. He sets out on a campaign to conquer Naomi’s hesitation and show her pleasure beyond her wildest imaginings. And when he catches her going through his personal belongings, what starts as a discipline session turns into one of the hottest, most erotic nights of his life.

Jared sets out to convince the hesitant, sweet sub to submit to him for more than one night. But when Naomi’s ex-husband descends on the island and kidnaps her in the middle of a devastating hurricane, Jared will be forced to use every weapon in his arsenal to save her.

Publisher’s Note: Her Master and Commander, the first in Anya Summers’ exciting new series, contains explicit sexual themes including anal, as well as strong elements of BDSM.


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Her Master and Commander by Anya Summers is the first book in a brand new series that is an offshoot of the Dungeon Fantasy Club series. When I saw Anya had a new book out, I got super excited, as I have all of the DFC books (Except the domme one, not a fan of domme books) When I saw that it was Jared’s (Her Highland Master DFC Book 1) ((Amazon))

book, I did a little chair dance. I’ve always thought that Jared deserved his own story, his own HEA. I’m doubly glad that he’s stepped out of Declan’s shadow, despite the fact that they are best friends, I never thought Jared belonged as the butler. But in Her Master and Commander we start with Jared making the decision to leave Scotland for a private island near Nassau. He can’t play third to Declan and Zoey’s relationship anymore, being the occasional third. He loves Zoey too much and needs to distance himself.

Six months later, and the island is a lifestyler’s paradise. There’s a hotel and bungalows, all outfitted for BDSM play. Even the pool are and outside paths have play spots. (Can I go?) Jared hires a new maid that he finds himself instantly attracted to, Naomi Cates. But her eyes are full of sadness and secrets, secrets he’s determined to find out.

Naomi is on the run from her ex. She figures Pleasure Island will be safe and he won’t find her. But she finds herself attracted to her boss, and that’s a no no. Can she resist him? Jared finds himself an in with her when she messes up. But will he stick around, or is his love for Zoey still interfering? And can he save her in time when the worst happens?

This book was a great start to a new series! I’m positively thrilled at the prospect of new books for the secondary characters, lots of Masters and submissives. I thought Naomi was a great match for Jared, despite what she’d gone through with her ex, she has lot’s of spunk and fire. Jared is positively swoonworthy, though not perfect. He did have some off moments, especially with how he treated Naomi the morning after his phone call with Declan and Declan’s good news. Definitely a book I’d re-read over and over again!

5 Positively Pleasureful Stars


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Coming 2017!!

Pleasure Island Series
Her Master & Commander, Book 1
Her Music Masters, Book 2
Their Shy Submissive, Book 2.5
Her Lawful Master, Book 3
Her Undercover Doms, Book 3.5
Her Rockstar Dom, Book 4
Duets & Dominance, Book 5
Ménage In Paradise, Book 6
Her Rodeo Masters, Book 7


Undeniable by Ravenna Tate



Rosanna Selim can’t recall almost two years of her life, but it hasn’t stopped her from loving her job as a paralegal with one of the top defense firms in Cleveland, Ohio. It also hasn’t affected her relationship with sexy, charming homicide detective, Houston Cassidy. Until he tells her about a twelve-year old case. As images invade both her waking and dreaming states, she’s certain that uncovering the truth means losing Houston.

Houston has been unlucky in love because of dedication to his job, so he’s determined not to screw things up with Rosanna. She’s sexy, beautiful, and the most easy going woman he’s ever met. He adores her. But when she tells him about the images, and as she works with a therapist to recover her memories, Houston has to come to terms with the possibility that she’s the killer in a case he’s been trying to solve for twelve years.

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking


I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a HUGE Ravenna Tate fan, so I was super excited when this book came out because I love this series so far, but I have to say that as much as I loved the other books, this one, by far, blew me away. I mean, I think this may be my favorite book from her ever. I ran through the gamut of emotions from laughing to crying and I was seriously bummed out when it was all over. (Because it was over.)

Houston Cassidy is a police detective who has been a detective for 12 years. He’s gone through 3 marriages because of it, but he wouldn’t give it up. He also has a girlfriend, Rosanna Selim who he is crazy about. His partner Annie, who drives him and all the rest of the precinct crazy, has found a lead on a cold case. His very first case as detective.

He tells Rosanna about the case, and she starts having nightmares along with ages old flashes of dark images. Houston starts to suspect that Rosanna may just be the suspect he’s been looking for. If she is, then she may have lived through something horrible.

I seriously felt for both characters in this book as both Houston and Annie’s investigation progressed and Rosanna not only had to deal with lost memories, but with Houston being a bit of a jerk for a while, and then dealing with her repressed memories when they come to light. Aside from Houston’s period of being said jerk, he really was a great guy. And I liked Annie, maybe she’ll have a book. All in all, if I could give this more than 5 Stars, I certainly would. Just an awesome read!!!

5 Super-Duper Mega Stars





“I love it when you do that.”

“Are you sure?” He raised his brows. “I can wait a long time.”

“Oh yeah?” She shoved her hand between them and caressed his erect penis. “Doesn’t feel that way to me.”

The laugh she loved so much filled the space around them. “Appearances are deceiving.” Shivers ran up and down her spine as he kneaded her breasts. Even with her clothes still on, the effect was intoxicating. She massaged his shaft, aching for that dick to be inside her.

“You’re going to wait for it, babe.”

“Even with me doing this?”

One finger traced between her breasts, over her abdomen, and landed on her clit, where he rubbed hard. The movement forced her hand off his cock. “Now you can’t reach me.”


“I never tease.” He massaged her swollen bud through the jeans, but she definitely felt it.

“So what do you call this?”


“For what?”

“For being too damn sexy for your own good.”

“Weak, Houston. Very weak.”

“Oh yeah? Who’s the one squirming and begging right now?”

When he clamped his mouth on her groin through the denim, Rosanna cried out in pleasure. He was right. He’d nailed her. How the man had so much self-control was a mystery to her, but she loved it. She loved the teasing and she loved the way he made her so crazy with desire she wasn’t above begging him to fuck her.

“I’ll bet your hot pussy is soaking wet right now.”

“Why don’t you take off my jeans and find out?”

“Oh, I’ll take them off, but I’m not fucking you just yet. There’s something I keep promising you but haven’t delivered.”

“And what might that be?”

A wicked, sly grin had her wondering if she should have asked. Houston yanked off her jeans, taking her panties with them. He removed her socks and shoes, but instead of returning to what he’d been doing with that magic mouth a second ago, he sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her over one knee.

“Houston…” She was so surprised, she had no idea what to say.

“I’ve been threatening to spank you for weeks.” She gasped as he swatted each cheek, hard. He pinned her thighs with his right leg and held her across the lower back with his left hand. She couldn’t move, and the effect was so deliciously dominant that she nearly came.

“Tell me you’ve been a bad girl.” One more stinging smack on each cheek forced another gasp from her. “I want to hear you say it.”

“I’ve been a bad girl.” Her voice came out all breathy and low, but honestly, how could she help that? This was so over the top intoxicating that her clit began to throb.

“Yes, you have.”

“Oh my God!” He delivered five more blows to each cheek, alternating, and now they burned like fucking crazy. Each swat built on the next one, until she couldn’t distinguish the pleasure from the pain. The combined into one sweet, torturous sensation that sent shivers down her spine, and tiny contractions to her soaking wet pussy.

“Had enough yet, bad girl?”

“I don’t even know how to answer that.”

Houston rubbed the wounds he’d made, which forced loud moans from her as the intensity of the burn increased. “Not quite yet. You can take a bit more.”



Pretzel Logic (Suncoast Society 49) by Tymber Dalton


Book Blurb:

Brita was a cop until an on-duty injury while protecting a child forced her retirement. Now, her days are spent teaching firearms classes, shooting skeet, and doting on her young niece, Jordan. She knows her relationship with Ethan is for life—it’s just a matter of forcing her brain to label it.

The moment Brita got shot is forever seared in Ethan’s memory. She’s the woman he loves, but he’s no dumb Dom. He’s patiently awaiting the day she can finally accept he’s not going anywhere.

Then, an incident during a school outing, where Brita makes a split-second call to protect Jordan and her classmates, changes life forever. Legally and morally, Brita made the right decision. Unfortunately, the man’s rabid fans paint a bull’s-eye on Brita via Jordan. When Brita disappears in hope of protecting her family—and her and Ethan’s secret lifestyle—Ethan knows he has to find her.

But first, he has to catch the bastards stalking her.



Pretzel Logic is the 49th book in the fantastic, stoopendous, Suncoast Series. This one tripped all of my happy subbie buttons as well, so I particularly enjoyed it! And, we get to see characters from Tymber’s Coffeeshop Coven series here as well, which just adds to the fun. Sachci and her guys get a bit of air time. (Think a non-kink version of Tilly)

We meet Brita, who is a detective with the police until an incident forces her into early retirement. Her ex-partner, current lover, sometimes dom Ethan has been by her side for almost 8 years, but Brita doesn’t like labels. She also lives her life in pain and anxiety and has a hard time letting Ethan take care of her. Ethan takes whatever he can.

But another incident at her niece’s school causes a backlash that has Brita making a huge decision to keep those around her safe. Ethan has to catch the stalkers after her or he could lose her.

Tymber again pens a spectacular book hitting drama and suspense with real life issues. You honestly feel as though you are part of the extended kink family that is Suncoast, and putting the book down once you start is never an option. It’s just THAT incredible.

5 Kinkalicious Stars!




All units, shots fired, domestic dispute in progress. Caller states male subject sounds drunk and screaming, and there is a woman and male toddler in the apartment…

They were both up and moving, Ethan leaving a couple of twenties on the table. The waitress knew them and knew they were cops and would put the extra on their tab to apply toward their next meal. Normally, they paid in advance in case of this very situation. That afternoon they were supposed to be off-duty, due at the state attorney’s office in an hour to go over testimony for a case tomorrow.

Except that they were less than four blocks from the address the dispatcher gave.

Brita had already responded to dispatch that they were close and en route.

They’d taken Ethan’s unmarked unit to lunch. He hit the keyfob to pop the truck and grab his vest, pulling it on over his shirt while Brita caught the keys he tossed her so she could get the engine started.

As he slid into the passenger seat, she didn’t even wait for him to buckle up as she backed out of the space and headed for the address, lights going but running silent.

He carried his Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office windbreaker, the one with DEPUTY emblazoned on the back. “At least you can put this on.”

“If they don’t know me by now, I’m screwed anyway.”

“You’re not going in there without a vest, B.”

“We don’t know what we’re facing. It might be forensics and clean-up by the time we get there,” she grimly said. “Stop worrying.”

The old apartment complex was three up, three down, a concrete block building that looked like it was built in the forties or fifties, and in a previously run-down neighborhood which was currently undergoing gentrification that hadn’t yet reached this particular property. The three ground floor units opened to covered stoops three steps up each, and a low block wall surrounded the front, the flowerbed it held back filled with half-dead azalea shrubs struggling to maintain their grip on this earthly plane.

As they pulled up to the apartments, they saw that the middle door stood open. Brita ignored the windbreaker, jumping out, sidearm already in hand as she crouched and headed for the stoop.

They could hear the man ranting, screaming, his voice slurred and obviously intoxicated. A woman loudly sobbed, only exceeded by the sound of a young child’s cries.

At least they were still alive.

She did let Ethan take point, both of them using the stoop’s concrete columns as cover, Ethan on the right, her on the left.

“Sheriff’s Office. Come out with your hands up!”

“Imma gonna shoot this damn bitch!” the man roared. “I’m tired of her ruinin’ my life!”

“Come on out and let’s talk about it,” Ethan called back. “You shoot anyone, you can’t take that back. This is still fixable. No one’s been hurt. We can talk this out.”

Brita tried to peek around the column and see inside, but the interior was too dark with the afternoon sunlight in their eyes for her to get a good view. Plus the door opened inward, to the left, blocking that angle of view.

She ducked down and, in a crouch, descended the steps and jumped the flowerbed’s block wall to circle around the stoop and give her a better angle to possibly see inside to the right of the doorway.

She spotted a small pair of bare feet, moving, like the child was sitting against the wall close to the right side of the door.

As Ethan kept the guy talking, Brita holstered her weapon and pressed against the front wall of the building, now able to see more of the child. From the way he was crying, he either wasn’t hurt, or wasn’t mortally wounded.


She felt Ethan’s burning gaze on her as she focused on the child and edged closer to the stoop. Brita knew she was not only concealed by the apartment’s front wall, but that it was made of concrete block gave her a modicum of protection.

While the unseen woman started talking to the suspect, Brita tried to softly get the boy’s attention by making whispering noises at him. Finally, he leaned forward and saw her. She nodded, giving him a big smile and crooking her finger at him, hoping he’d toddle out the door so she could snatch him and run to cover behind their car.

Now two more marked units arrived, and she heard more sirens closing in the distance. As the man started raging again, Brita shut down everything except her focus on the little boy. Maybe two years old, if that, he looked dirty, and was dressed only in a diaper.

He turned onto his hands and knees and pushed himself up into a standing position. As he did, she boosted herself up onto the stoop, still concealed by the apartment’s front wall and to the left of the open doorway.

Her pulse pounded in her ears and time seemed to slow, every movement now coated with frozen molasses as the boy stepped into the doorway. As she heard the shot, she reached out and grabbed his arm, pulling him against her body as if he were a football. She let momentum carry her across the stoop, turning her body to shield him as another shot rang out.

Fiery pain radiated through her left hip and her leg gave out. She shoved off with her right leg, taking her off the other side of the stoop as she once again turned to cushion their fall with her body.

She was aware of Ethan screaming her name, the other officers yelling, more shots as they made their entrance. The wind was knocked out of her as she missed the scraggly azalea bushes and landed on top of the low block wall ringing the flowerbed, taking the full brunt of the impact along the length of her back, just to the right of her spine.


“Please, Sir!”

“Please what, baby?”

“Please make me come!”

“What do I get in return?”

Oh, shit.

Tonight he was in the mood to play the guessing game. Usually, he outright told her what he wanted in exchange. Normally, she readily agreed, unless her pain levels wouldn’t let her. Then she’d come back with something close but easier for her physically to manage.

When he was playful, he drew it out, a way, he knew, to pull fantasies from her, until she hit the one he decided he liked the most.

Or she grew too damn horny and begged him to do everything to her if he’d only make her come!

“Handcuffs, Sir.”

“That’s a given, baby. More.” His lips returned to her clit.

“I…I…blowjob, Sir.”

“Another given. Keep going.”

She swallowed hard, barely able to breathe, much less talk, and with her wrists firmly captured in his hands, unable to pull free.

She struggled to find something they hadn’t done in a while that might convince him to get her off sooner. “Butt plug, Sir?”

“Hmm. Which one?”

Now he was just fucking with her and she knew it.

“The vibrating one, Sir.”

“Good girl.” He released her wrists and stood, spinning her around and over the edge of the bed. Yanking her panties down, his hands caressed her bare ass, squeezing again. Twenty quick, hard bare-handed swats divvied up between both ass cheeks, stinging smacks, left her dripping wet and moaning with need.

“Yes, that’s what my baby needs. Hands and knees.”

She crawled the rest of the way onto the bed and waited, head down, knowing what would come next. She heard him finish undressing, then moving around in the bathroom. He returned a moment later and one hand held her by the hair while the other squirted lube down the crack of her ass.

Another moan escaped her when the first finger started playing with her. Over the years, he’d sneakily conditioned her to get horny when he played with her ass, usually by tying her up and eating her out while he had a vibrating butt plug stuffed deep inside her.

Tonight he worked her up quickly, three fingers she was rocking in time with before they disappeared and she felt the tip of the butt plug pressing against her.


She did, moaning as it slid into place.

“Good girl.”

He stepped away and she heard him wash his hands. When he returned, she flinched when the butt plug sprang to life, all the way on the highest setting.


“On your back.”

She rolled, feeling the towel he slid under her as she did. She kept her eyes closed and raised her arms, feeling the cuffs click around them. He kept them loose enough she could move around in them.

Then he climbed on top of her and settled over her face, her mouth already open as his hard cock slid over her tongue.

They both moaned now. “Yeah, baby,” he whispered, his fingers teasing her nipples. “You know what to do with that.”

He didn’t leave her much room to move, and that’s the way he wanted it. She swallowed his cock, sucking on it, laving her tongue over his shaft, all nine beautiful inches of it. After a few minutes of that, with her also whining with need, he leaned forward and she felt his warm breath against her bare pussy.

“You know the rules. Don’t come.” His lips closed around her clit and she had to gasp for air, struggling not to disobey him.

Although there were times she was glad to take the five cane strokes just to get the first orgasm.

He never used that rule when he knew she was hurting in the bad way, but that meant when he finally did get around to fucking her, he was going to ride her hard and deep and grind that gorgeous cock of his into her pussy with everything he had.

Because he wasn’t scared of hurting her.

His sweet, slow mouth taunted and teased her. He knew every inch of the landscape down there and took great relish in making her hold back until he gave her permission. Between the butt plug undulating in her ass, and his comforting weight pressing on her body, she felt the first spinnings of subspace tugging at her brain.


She didn’t hit it every time, like this. But when she did, she knew she’d sleep well that night.

Ethan’s tongue plunged into her pussy, circling, withdrawing, fucking her with it the same way he was fucking her mouth with his cock. Trying to rock her hips against him was useless. He had her pinned down too perfectly in this position.

After an eternity, where she realized she was starting to beg around his cock, he lifted his head. “What’s the matter, baby?” he teased. “Is something wrong?”

She loudly moaned.

He rose up enough his cock pulled from her mouth. “Please make me come, Sir!”

“Did I just hear someone beg for an orgasm?”

“Yes, Sir, please!”

“Excellent. You may come.” He fucked his cock deep into her throat again and sucked on her clit. White heat exploded behind her eyes as the first earth-shattering climax spiraled through her.


Resisting My Submission (Doms Of Genesis 7) by Jenna Jacob


They say first impressions mean everything. Either Maximus “Max” Gunn didn’t get the memo or he didn’t care. The gorgeous, muscle-bound Dominant’s assumption that I, Mistress Sammie, was a submissive set my blood boiling. I wanted to drive the toe of my coveted Louis Vuitton stilettos between his legs—and bring him to his knees.

But anger wasn’t the only burning emotion Max ignited inside me. The potent sexual attraction we share threatened to burn me alive, too. Unwilling to cede our Dominance, the battle for control raged like a third world war, both in and out of the dungeon. It would take a coup d’état for love to conquer our drive to command.

But when Max learns the secrets of my past, and attempts to heal my scars, I don’t know if I’ll be able to still the battle…or fall willingly to my knees.


There’s a new Dom in town! His name is Maximus Gunn. Sound like a porn name? That’s what Sammie thinks as well, and says as much when she opens the doors of Genesis and is blown away by Max. But Max is a Dom, and since she’s a Domme, there’s no chance for them…right? Max doesn’t agree, he sees Sammie as a sub the second he walks into the door.

Join the cast of regulars at Club Genesis as the battle of wills between Dom and Domme begin. Sammie has a secret that only Mika knows, but Sam begins to chip away at her resistance. Kerr is also back in the picture, and he’s up to no good. Sammie gets a surprise, as do a whole bunch of the submissives. (I had to remove my fingers from my e-reader for fear it might contaminate me.)

I just loved reading Sammie and Max’s book, Jenna does it for me every time! I’ve been a huge fan of this series since the very beginning. I’m very much looking forward to the next one! Jenna is a master at writing BDSM scenes so real you swear you can smell the leather and hear the spankings, just so satisfying!

5 Spankalicious Subbie Stars






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USA Today Bestselling Author Jenna Jacob’s erotic romance comes from the heart of submission. With over twenty years’ experience in the dynamics of the BDSM lifestyle, Jenna strives to portray Dominance and submission with a passionate and comprehensive voice. Her stories will make you laugh, cry, and may leave you with a better understanding of the fulfillment found in the BDSM power exchange.

A married mom of four grown children, Jenna and her husband lives in Kansas. Her passions include her family, reading, camping, cooking, music, and riding Harleys. She loves to make people laugh with her outgoing and warped sense of humor. If you’re looking for hot romance with a kinky twist, pick up one of Jenna’s books.